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My mission in life is pretty simple... To share beauty with others as seen through my eyes.  I'm heavily influenced by vintage fashion, timeless erotic art, and old B&W horror films.  I'm always developing my style and my talents, which will probably be a never ending quest.  This year I'm going to be focusing a lot more on my original visions of art, incorporating it into boudoir as well as getting a lot more involved in the local fashion scene.  When it comes to photography, I have no "single major focus"... I'm not a boudoir photographer. I'm not a fashion or art photographer, nor an event photographer.  I am a photographer of women and men!  I'm a photographer of light and dark.  I'm a photographer of beauty and a photographer of grotesque.  I'm really just a creative soul, trying to artistically express myself, and SO LUCKY that so many people love my art!!!

Our Story

My Story

I've always had a strong need to be creative.  When I was in elementary school, I'd write poems and short stories, I'd try to draw and make art, played in the school band, and I loved taking pictures.  In junior high music became my passion.  I played in countless bands with a variety of styles, and I was pretty damn good!!!  Creating music was like speaking from my soul, being able to express and understand deep unexplainable feelings... It was my therapy and my life.  Then a hand injury left me unable to play, unable to express, and unable to release the creative energy inside.

For several years afterwards, I was on a journey to find a new creative outlet.  I revisited drawing, painting, writing, but nothing really seemed to fit.  All the while, the thought of photography was in & out of my head and my life.  I've always loved taking pictures!!!  I really knew nothing about the technical aspects of photography at all, but I knew what looked good to me.  I've always loved hiking and being out in nature, however, I kind of felt like I was very limited on how CREATIVE I could really be shooting landscapes.  Not to mention that out of all that I've seen in this world, nothing compares to the beauty of a woman!!!  So one evening after watching an episode of ANTM in which the models posed with snakes, I looked at my Python and thought, "We can do that!"  So I jumped online, found a website for models, and set up my first shoot. That was April of 2012.

From that first shutter click, I knew I had found exactly what I should be doing in this life.  At first, I was all about making art.  My first 2 shoots were done with a cheap point and shoot camera and lit with a high powered marijuana grow light.  I was able to upgrade to a slightly better Canon Rebel (the first 1) that summer.  The first 2 years or so was all about learning and making art.  I knew I didn't yet have the skills to be offering my services for money, and I really struggled with the fact that I didn't have "professional" equipment.  During those first 2 years, I learned a LOT through trial and error.  I was so lucky to find such wonderful models to play with, many of which I'm still great friends with to this day, and a few have really helped me to get to where I am today! A real life changer was shooting on set of a horror movie themed music video which really changed the way I looked at and approached lighting.  By the end of 2013, my art had been shown in erotic exhibitions Internationally and I was voted into the top 3 photographers in Seattle RAW Artist's Photographer of the Year Award.

It wasn't until I really stepped out of my comfort zone that I really started to grow as a photographer.  I shot my first Burlesque show in Feb of 2014.  The lighting in the venue was awful and I remember thinking through the entire show how I wasn't going to get any good shots because my camera wasn't made for this low of light.  But the shots came out pretty good for my first time.  What had me worried was things I've heard about the "technical aspects" of photography.  I only recently figured out... I'm not a technical photographer, I'm an emotional photographer.

Only a couple weeks later, I set foot in Resurrection Sundays for the first time.  I was there to shoot some performances on a small stage and I had to time my shots with the small DJ lighting that was moving over the stage, probably my most challenging situation to date.  But I came back again and soon after began doing the photo booth. I had no clue that my approach to a photo booth would have such a huge affect, not just on me, but on the way so many people see themselves, as well as Seattle nightlife photography as a whole after winning the Seattle Nightlife Photographer of the Year Award in 2015.  Though I no longer shoot at Resurrection Sundays, that place will always have a special place in my heart.  If you've never been, It's definitely worth checking out!!!  My good friend and 2016 Nightlife Photographer of the Year winner Sam Grahn now rocks the photo booth there.

Now I rock the photo booth at Sin @ Kremwerk on the first Saturday of every month as well as an occasional outdoor booth at the Mercury, when the weather permits.  I can also be found at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival's Halloween party "Seduction" each year doing the photo booth in their VIP section. I'll be adding more events this year, sign up for my newsletter to always be informed of upcoming events.  You can also visit my Photo Booth page to see past favorites, see upcoming events, or inquire about having the world's sexiest photo booth at your next event!  I'm also currently a part of Atropa Productions putting on several burlesque and punk rock shows each year 🙂

I did disappear for most of 2016, off grid and out of touch, but all the while I was learning and reflecting.  I came to the understanding that if I am to survive and Devilish Photography is going to continue to evolve into my vision of what it can be... I have to treat it like a business.  So Devilish Boudoir is now available.  Just like all of my projects, it will be so different than other boudoir services out there.  I am taking my approach, with my style and my vision, a big part of which is, fully collaborating with my clients to tell their individual stories with my photos.  I guess this is a good point to redirect you to my Seattle Boudoir page where I will go much more in depth into my vision of boudoir and the approach I am taking to it.


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Seattle Boudoir Photography
Seattle Boudoir Photography
Seattle Boudoir Photography
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Seattle Boudoir Photography
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