Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are my shoot options?

I offer several packages as well as an a-la-cart menu.  Click here to download a full package and price list.

Do you provide hair styling and makeup?

All of my packages include professional hair and makeup.  You must add it as an option if you are booking from my a-la-cart menu.  For proper scheduling, if you are booking from the a-la-cart menu and would like to add hair and makeup, you must select the option at the time of booking!!!

Do you provide outfits?

Not at this time, however, I am happy help direct you to local shops as well as offer my advice on what I think would look best on you.

Where is your studio located?

I host my boudoir shoots in either boutique hotels or vacation rentals.  I do not want all of my customers to be stuck shooting on the same sets with the same poses.  I treat every aspect of every shoot differently from the previous.

There’s a lot of photos of ladies on here, will others see my photos?

That is 100% up to you!!!  Your photos can be kept completely private only seen by myself, you and whomever you choose to share with.  Alternately you can choose if and what you’d like to allow me to share, as well as where they are shared.  I do not share any photos without written consent.

Do you delete photos

I keep an archive of every photo taken, unless requested otherwise.  If you’d like me to delete all photos after you’ve ordered, just let me know and it’ll be done 🙂

Can you make me skinnier or give me bigger boobs?

I am a body positive photographer and do not do any major body alterations.  Instead I use lighting and camera angles to get the most flattering images of your true self. Repeat after me… “I am Perfectly Imperfect”

Can you remove a scar, tattoo, or beauty mark?

Yes I can 🙂

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely!!!  You are more than welcome to bring a long a friend for comfort, support, and to cheer you on! I also offer a special when booking with a friend and I also do boudoir parties for larger groups.

Do you shoot couples?

Yes I do!!!  Just ask to add your special someone to your session at the time of booking?  The cost is an additional $100 for couples.

How will I see/select my photos?

You will be sent a link to a password protected gallery where you can view and select your photos.

Do you offer same day viewing and ordering?

No!  I do not show fully unedited photos.  Photos are uploaded to a private password protected gallery generally within 3 days.  They will be lightly edited to better show the finished image. After you have placed your order, I then apply a full retouch and edit to your selected images.

Are the photos in my ordering gallery edited?

Only slightly?  World class editing takes time and, like the rest of my services, everything is unique about your shoot from location to final editing.  I hand retouch and edit each photo, so I wait til you order before spending time on them.  The photos in your gallery have some bulk Devilish editing applied but that is just to help you get an idea of how they may look when finished.

How long til I receive my finished photos?

Photos are delivered within 3 weeks of ordering.  May be faster depending on how busy I am.  Rush viewing and delivery can be available for an extra charge.


For other questions feel free to fill out the form on my contact page or email